Fishing Trips

Trip I : Single Day

Get ready for a unique experience, enjoy the sea, the sun and the magnificent view. We depart at 10:00 in the morning from the old port of Skiathos. Fishing takes place in a specific spot that we will reach after 30 minutes of travelling. We provide the fishing equipment and if you want something more specialized we can offer you a few alternatives to rent or buy on board. We also offer refreshments, beer and fresh fruits for free.

Fishing lasts for 3 hours. Afterwards we will explore beautiful beaches such as Arkos, Lalaria, Kastro for swimming and we will take a break for lunch. Later we can enjoy the fruits of our labor, the fish we caught, in a traditional greek taverna. We return at about 17:00 in the evening.

Duration : 7 hrs

Minimum participation : 4 - 10 max

Trip II : Night adventure

Ride the waves into the sunset with us. Night is the perfect time for squid fishing! We depart at 20:00 from the old harbour of Skiathos.Skiathos Sunset Fishing takes place in specific spots, rich in squids and lasts for 4 hours.

We provide all the equipment and the fishing techniques are quite easy even for starters. Experience the deep waters like never before in this nocturnal excursion. We return at midnight.

Duration : 7 hrs

Minimum participation : 4 - 10 max

Fishing Lessons

Captain Dimitris and our highly qualified staff can teach you our traditional fishing techniques. Anyone can attend, from novice to experienced. You will get to know the fish of Aegean sea, a variety of fishing types and simple tips and tricks for efficiency. The sessions are for groups up to 5 people and last 3 hours.

Fishing lessons take place in the old harbor of Skiathos. A special expert guide is there to help you and one of the most experienced fisherman on the island is there to teach you. You will have access to free refreshments, beer and fresh fruits on board. Teaching days are limited, so book a lesson now!

Special Fishing Trips

For specialized fishing types, pricing is different and open to negotiation.


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