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A highly customizable and blazing fast ORM library for PHP 5.5+.

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Thanks to the code generation we reach very fast execution times.


Supports schema migration for MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Reverse Engineering

For existing database structures we support reverse enginering of your current database schema.

IDE friendly

Propel generates all of your getter and setter as well as filter, relation methods and much more for you.


Through our configuration system you can adjust almost all gears.

High Quality

Test-Driven-Development, Unit-Tests, Continuous-Integration and Code-Coverage over 94% show our quaility.

Open Source

Propel is available under the open-source MIT license.


The Propel project started in 2005, has over 10k users each month and powers thousands of websites.

Well documented

Oh, and we have a pretty detailed documentation!

Via Composer

All releases at

All releases at

Propel Build Status

Propel is strongly unit tested and is developed under Continuous Integration with a Test Driven Development approach.

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to automatically build our projects, and here are the statuses of our master branches:

Propel2’s code climate:

Propel is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for SQL-Databases in PHP 5.5. It allows you to access your database using a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and retrieving data.

Additional to its ORM capabilities it does provide a query-builder , database schema migration , reverse engineering of existing database and much more.

query-builder database schema migration reverse engineering

Propel gives you, the web application developer, the tools to work with databases in the same way you work with other classes and objects in PHP without writing SQL.


You need to write the definition of your tables as xml, export it from your existing database through our ‘database:reverse’ command or build it via a tool like ORM-Designer.

It uses PDO as an abstraction layer and code generation to remove the burden of runtime introspection to achieve the fast execution time.

Propel implements all the key concepts of mature ORM layers: the ActiveRecord pattern, validators , behaviors , table inheritance , reverse engineering an existing database , nested sets , nested transactions , lazy loading , LOB , you name it.

Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents
Do you work with Gothic script? Join a new Transkribus working group to improve the recognition of this style of writing
Catch up on the goings-on from our first Scanathon!
Search handwritten historical documents with Keyword Spotting!
New and improved Transkribus How to Guides now available
Teach yourself to read historical handwriting with Transkribus Learn!

From the Middle Ages to today, from old Greek to modern English, from running text to tables or forms


READ's mission is to revolutionize access to archival documents with the support of cutting-edge technology such as Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Keyword Spotting (KWS).

Learn more


READ addresses archives and libraries, humanities scholars, family historians, volunteers - and computer scientists

Learn more
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Research in READ comprises exciting fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Learn more


READ technology is available via the service platform Transkribus. Upload documents, train a Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) model, process text and follow the progress of the project.

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A quick announcement about some new German language resources for users of our Belle Dress in Rose size M also in SXS Amanda Uprichard Good Selling For Sale NmShQ7xHJ

You can now find the following German language How to Guides on the Transkribus wiki :

Transkribus beginners can also watch a German language webinar to start learning the basics:

Posted on

The Gender History research group at the University of Jena (Thuringia, Germany) have been experimenting with Transkribus as part of a digital edition project on the correspondence of the eighteenth-century regent, Erdmuthe Benigna von Reuß-Ebersdorf (1670-1732) .

Early Modern scripts are very challenging for Automated Text Recognition technology because letters tend to be closely intertwined, abbreviations occur quite often and the spelling of words is not standardized. As the below example suggests, Erdmuthe’s writing is not easy to follow! She had a unique writing style and often broke words into separate parts.

Sample page of a letter (Source: Landesarchiv Thüringen – Staatsarchiv Greiz, Paragiatsherrschaft Köstritz, From IV 15, fol. 56r ., All rights reserved)

In order to train a model to recognise Erdmuthe’s writing, the Gender History research team used about 250 pages of existing transcripts that had been produced in the course of their work on the digital edition. They also used these same transcripts to create a dictionary of Erdmuthe’s vocabulary that can be integrated into the recognition process.

Asset Reports are intended to be created on a per-user basis. In the context of a loan application, for example, the lender would create an Asset Report for each borrower on a given loan.


Finally, Asset Reports are immutable , meaning they can only be created and removed, not updated. If you would like to retrieve updated transactions and balances, for example, you can simply create a new Asset Report by submitting the same access_token s and other information you provided when creating the original report.


With your desired access_tokens in hand, all you need to do to create an Asset Report is to call the /asset_report/create endpoint. For a description of each required and optional parameter, see the Assets parameter reference.

To obtain an Asset Report for a given user, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

Create Items Create the Asset Report Retrieve the Asset Report Share the Asset Report

First, you'll obtain an access_token for each of the user's institutions by creating Items with Plaid Link . In order for an access_token to be used to obtain an Asset Report, it must have been generated with assets included in Link's product array (see the Link parameter reference above ); otherwise, you will encounter a PRODUCT_NOT_ENABLED error when creating an Asset Report with that access_token .

If the user needs to link accounts at multiple institutions, simply repeat the Link flow for each, instructing the user to authenticate the next institution until they have linked all of their intended Items. You can include multiple Items in a single Asset Report by including an access_token for each Item.

With your desired access_tokens in hand, all you need to do to create an Asset Report is to call the /asset_report/create endpoint.

When creating an Asset Report, the only required fields are your client_id , secret , an array of access_token s (one for each Item to be included in the Report), and the number of days_requested which determines the duration of transaction history to be included. All other fields are optional.

The user object allows you to provide additional information about the user to be appended to the Asset Report. All fields in the user object are optional if you simply want to retrieve an Asset Report, however the first_name , last_name , and ssn fields are required if you would like the Report to eligible for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™ program.

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